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Thursday, 06 July 2017 06:12

Handstands with Dave Davy

Handstands with Dave Davy

Come and spend 2 hours with Melbourne Handbalancer Dave Davy and learn the fundamentals of Handstands at the South Australian Circus Centre!

This workshop is for anyone wishing to learn the practice and skill of the handstand. Handstand Fundamentals will supply you with the tools and a plan to develop not just a handstand, but a high quality handstand, which will open doors for future endeavours; whether it be integrating it into yoga routines, Crossfit Workouts, or starting the path to a professional handbalancer.

Targeted towards beginners, people wanting to refine their handstands and anyone wanting to learn about the methodology of learning to handstand; Handstand Fundamentals is sure to be a great platform to develop a practice from. After handstand Fundamentals you should have a good sense for understanding the key principles and the technique of YOUR handstand.

August 6th, 1pm-3pm.
Early Bird Price (before July 30th) $100
Price (after July 30th) $120
Spots are limited to 25 people, and will consist of both practical work and theory. To maximise what you get out of the workshop – bring pad and paper to take notes.

To book in - you can call SA Circus Centre on 8346 5735 or use this link and select the workshop under "class"

The basic principles and standard technique of the handstand
The difference between Optimal and Ideal technique.
The body balances as a system and how to connect your body-parts together
Understanding the difference between Position and Balance
Why the wall is your Friend (and also your enemy)
“Chunking” the handstand into manageable and appropriate parts
Learn an A-Z for development.
Planning your training/practice time to maximise progress.

What this Workshop is NOT
Just a series of drills for you to implement into your training
A class where you just come in and do the work and go home
The same-same advice that you can get from any cheap workshop
A bunch of “Hollow Body” drills and shoulder stretches

To book in - you can call SA Circus Centre on 8346 5735 or use this link and select the workshop under "class"

Check out Dave's website here!
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