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Located in South Australia's pre-eminent circus training centre, Cirkidz celebrates difference, identity and diversity through circus skills training, in a fun and friendly environment.

At Cirkidz, in addition to incredible circus tricks, we see something amazing happen: doubts fade to confidence and hesitation gives way to courage. Child, teen or adult, individual or group, all you have to do is dare!

What young person doesn't delight in the thrill and challenge of learning to use and move their body? Whether its tumbles and somersaults, swinging on monkey bars, doing handstands and cartwheels, or just clambering onto dad's shoulders, mastering the movement of our own bodies is an exciting and enjoyable experience.

It's something we all share, regardless of our backgrounds, socio-economic status, gender, haircut or wardrobe.

So for kids who don't fit easily or comfortably into mainstream pursuits, it can provide a haven of stimulation, engagement and acceptance. They can confidently be, and enjoy, exactly who they are.

Cirkidz was founded in 1986 by artists Tony Hannan and Michael Lester, to provide meaningful recreation and community engagement opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Adelaide’s industrial inner west. Tony and Michael believed circus skills training would enhance the young people's social, physical and creative development.

They were right. In fact, the experience for those we've worked with over the years has been so positive that our Bowden-based Circus School now attracts over 400 people every week, ranging in age from two and a half right through to adults.

Cirkidz is also actively involved in creating incredible stage performances through the Troupe program, and continues to work with schools, libraries and other community organisations to develop circus workshops and other community development initiatives.

We also conduct of all kinds of commercial activities, ranging from corporate team-building workshops to children's birthday parties.

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