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Cirkidz uses these values to guide the way in which we work:

Fun | Respect | Innovation | Empowerment | Health and Well Being
In his thesis "Why Circus Works", the late Reg Bolton PhD, described the benefits of circus for children and young people with the use of a metaphor. His theory could be explained by referring to the five fingers and palm of a hand.
Why Circus Works, by Reg Bolton PHD

Circus is about:
SELF (the index finger: individuality, identity, image)
RISK (the middle finger is the longest, it sticks out: adventure, courage, defiance)
TRUST (the ring finger only stands up in unity with the others: touch, cooperation, sharing)
DREAMS (the little finger: aspiration, imagination, symbolism)
WORK (the thumb: persistence, resilience, process)
FUN (the palm, made to be tickled: humour, happiness, laughter)