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Thursday, 11 May 2017 05:01

Help get the bus back on its wheels!

Voting is open from now until the end of May for Fund My Community. It's a fun way to spend a 10 minute coffee break browsing all of the projects and creating a plan for the state with your imaginary $1 million. If we get enough votes our share of the pie ($98, 000) will stop being imaginary and become reality!

If you haven't heard of the project before, Fund My Community has $1 million for not-for-profit, non-government, community groups to provide programs or services for isolated, vulnerable or disadvantaged South Australians with the funding allocation decided by the community.

Every vote counts so please forward to you friends and family and encourage them to vote. This would be incredible for the centre and costs you nothing to help.

So how would we spend the money? Easy! Expand our inclusive arts projects, using circus as the vehicle - quite literally! We all feel a pang of sadness every time we see the old Cirkidz bus sitting alone in the the car park. This is our chance to fix it up, fill it to the brim with new equipment and give our talented trainers the opportunity to hit the road and connect with people across the state who are isolated and who cannot access our main site in Bowden. We want to deliver our mindful Youth Leadership program to young people with the view that these people can then continue to connect with their communities and deliver sustainable engagement opportunities to their areas.

This is the link for our project
Click the big blue button that says 'add to my plan'. You will then need to register an account with your email address if you have not voted during previous years. They will then send you an email to confirm your account and then you can get spending!

Requirements to submit your plan:
1. Spend a minimum of $700, 000
2. satisfy the 'who will benefit' section and
3. choose at least one small, medium and large project.

Our project: $98, 000, 'large' and satisfies 2 of the 'who will benefit' requirements. The rest of the spend is up to you! Thank you!
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