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Monday, 09 May 2016 05:33

New equipment!

Exciting news everyone! We have recently aquired some new equipment for the circus centre! When you come to class this week expect to be greeted by Jono's Pit: a huge foam pit that Trainer Jono and his awesome friends built for us! The trampoline platform is also back so that you can bounce and wall walk and challenge yourself to make it to the top. Last but definitely not least is the inflatable trampoline wheel! You can bounce on it, somersault off it, crawl in it, cartwheel in it and more. As always you're only limited by your imagination!

See you in class, we hope you enjoy the new gear as much as we have enjoyed testing it out!

Foam pit
Blow up Wheel
Blow up Wheel
Blow up Wheel
Blow up Wheel
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