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Our team of trainers come from a diverse background: many are professional circus performers based in Adelaide; often they are ex-Cirkidz themselves. When companies travel through Adelaide we often run masterclasses and one-offs with guest artists. We also regularly welcome touring artists and trainers on exchange from other Australian companies to take Masterclasses and Circus School training while they're in town.

Our carefully selected team of trainers are excellent at creating a fun and friendly environment where children are made to feel safe and comfortable in trying new things and developing their skills. All of our trainers are compassionate and approachable leaders, ensuring an environment where students can feel confident in seeking help or clarification.

Cirkidz also brings in trainers from complimentary disciplines including elite-level gymnastics coaches, dancers and actors, to ensure our Circus School students get a well-rounded performance and technical education.

In addition, we have an emerging trainee program where young people interested in developing their skills can become trainee trainers ... and ultimately fully qualified trainers in their own right.

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