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Tumbling & Acrobatics, Aerial Skills and Parkour

Tumbling & Acrobatics (8 - 12)

Full-on physical class of ground-based tumbling for participants interested in learning and improving their tumbling, handstands, trampoline and pyramid skills. Tricking is dynamic style of tumbling infludenced by street dance and parkour, creating dynamic, fluid combinations of flips and saults.  Build individual skills and work towards a group act; as well as exploring the wonderful world of the fast track. 

Aerial Class (8 - 12)

See what the view is like from up here!

We have seen first hand the benefit that aerial classes can have for young people aged 8-17. Not only do these classes help to develop physical core and upper body strength, but they also improve confidence and give these students the strength they need in their lives socially and psychologically. Classes are taught by highly skilled trainers with extensive performance and competitive expertise in their fields who understand and teach the fundamental building blocks of the artform. Cirkidz Aerial classes are a safe, secure and fun environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, set realistic goals and overcome challenges.

With our aerial classes, we don’t see concerns. We see challenges.
We don’t set standards. We set goals.
We don’t tell students who to be. They learn who they are.

Parkour (8-12)

Train with SAPA-accredited instructors and run, leap and roll through our fully equipped and safe facility. We set our space up with lots of crash mats and your safety is our priority. We encourage safe risk taking and goal setting along with team building and cooperation. Learn creative ways to move your body from point A to point B! Improve your fitness and strength while you train hard and have fun. Please note, this is not a Free Running class.
Check out our video to see what Parkour is all about!

Why Cirkidz?

Cirkidz Graduate and international circus artist, Jashca Boyce knows exactly just how much Cirkidz classes can benefit young people:

“I had a difficult time during Year 9 at high school due to some issues with teachers and some social problems which really effected my confidence. All of my closest friends and most inspiring mentors were at Cirkidz so it was almost like a release and a safe place during that time.”

Jascha spent ten years with the Cirkidz Troupe from the age of 9, and acknowledges that she would not be where she is today without the help and support of her Cirkidz family. Growing up in the circus community allowed her to freely express herself as she learned to build her confidence and skills as she continued along her journey.

So where is Jascha today? She tours the world performing with the critically acclaimed contemporary circus group Gravity & Other Myths.

PS: We also offer Small Group Adult Fitness classes which include aerial and general circus classes for those over 18!

Did you know that Cirkidz Inc is a registered charity with the Australian Charities And Not-For-Profits Commission? Upon enrolment you are invited to make a donation that will help us to do such things as upgrade our equipment and provide more services to the community.

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Class Information

  • SEMESTER 1, 2020 (23 weeks): Monday 27th January to Saturday 4th July
  • Tumbling Specialty Class
  • Wed 5.30pm - 7.00pm
  • Aerial Specialty Class
  • Wed 5.30pm - 7.00pm
  • Acrobatic Specialty Class
  • PARKOUR Wed 5.30pm - 7.00pm

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