Ages 5 through 8

Little Tackerz (5-6s)

An important step for those who have started school and in class for the first time without parental participation at Cirkidz. The basic coordination and techniques of different circus disciplines are introduced in our kids classes to Little Tackerz through games, activities, structured play and group work. Little Tackerz focus on developing fundamentals in all circus disciplines, including aerial, tumbling, juggling and balance so they can master more advanced skills as they progress!


Tackerz (6-8s)

A great way to spend and focus all the newfound energy that this age group has. Building on the fact that strength and coordination have developed, Tackerz start to attempt more advanced circus skills, as well as begin to create short routines and group acts. In our kids classes, Tackerz begin to explore their own identity by choosing their favourite apparatus and working creatively to develop their 'circus super power' with the guidance and support of their trainers.