Why choose circus?

What is circus and what are the benefits?

New circus is an evolved art form and a social movement. Most people will recognise the exemplars, Cirque Du Soleil and CircusOz, which integrate compelling professional arts practice with innovative social development. We know that New Circus changes lives, builds communities, creates jobs and stimulates economies.

New circus melds athleticism, visual poetry and everyday people. Through New Circus, Cirkidz offers opportunities for individual development, goal-setting, engagement, creativity, imagination, trust, fitness, athleticism and performance art, and for building resilience and self esteem.

Peta’s circus journey: Peta first attended our general public workshops in the Riverland, and loved it so much she started practising regularly and now travels to Bowden to teach with us as a junior trainer: Watch Peta's Story.

Celso’s circus journey: How a young person went from training to teaching: Watch Celso's Story.