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Summer 2017/2018 school holidays in Adelaide!

About our programs: Our programs are built with a focus on mindfulness, safe risk taking, inclusion, social interaction and are reflective of the Future of Work requirements which predict the creative and strategic learning and thinking skills that our students will need in the future. We also have the science to back us up! Recent UniSA research studies show an increase in student motivation and engagement as well as enhanced task management skills when participating in circus activities at school. So basically what we are saying is YES circus is really fun, but it's also very beneficial for you!


Program 1: Cirkidz Holiday Program: $55 half day, $100 full day.
Suggested ages 5 - 12.
DECEMBER: Monday December 18th to Thursday December 21st
JANUARY Week 1: Wednesday January 10th to Friday January 12th
JANUARY Week 2: Monday January 15th to Friday January 19th
JANUARY Week 3: Monday January 22nd to Thursday January 25th

Includes the following options:
SOAR: It’s all about aerial! trapeze, tissu (silks), cloud swing, hoop and more! 
OFF THE WALL:  Tumbling, acrobatics, bouncing, trampoline, foam pit (plus plenty of crash mats). 
15 TRICKS IN THE MORNING/AFTERNOON: Try 15 different tricks in each session. 
CIRCUS PICK’N’MIX: Pick your activities out of a hat!

Put your mind and body to the test as you face the trials of a Circus Warrior! Students will warm up with a variety of circus skills before participating in team challenges that will have them throwing, balancing and climbing their way to victory. You will then test all that you have learnt and race through the circus obstacle course to see who will be the day's Ultimate Circus Warrior! Circus skills! Obstacle courses! Teamwork and cartoonish rivalry! Circus Warrior!

Program 2: ParkAwesome: $55 half day
Ages 8 - 12. 

DECEMBER: Tuesday 19th 12:30pm - 4.00pm
JANUARY: Friday 12th 12.30pm - 4.00pm, Tuesday 16th 12.30pm - 4.00pm, Thursday 8.30am - 4.00pm, Tuesday 23rd 12.30pm - 4.00pm and Thursday 25th 8.30am - 12.00pm

Learn cool (and safe) ways to roll, climb, swing and vault over obstacles. Move your body in creative ways and develop strength as you learn this exciting art form. Plenty of crash mats, sprung flooring and professional trainers. Beginners and those with experience all welcome. Click HERE to see what ParkAwesome is all about

Program 3: Stage and Squires: $55 half day
Ages 8 - 12. 

DECEMBER: Thursday 21st 12.30pm to 4.00pm

Learn the basics of stage combat from an expert trainer in a fun, safe environment then show off your skills onstage with choreographed duels that you create yourself! Aspiring sword fighters aged 8-12 will learn fundamental stances, strikes and falls with foam “Boffers”, as well as putting their teamwork to the test in various challenges. They’ll create cool flourishes and craft fighting styles for their onstage characters, then parents and carers are invited to attend in the last 15 minutes to watch their swashbuckling stage debut! This is all about performance craft, dramatic theatrics and team work!

BOOK ONLINE TODAY or call Kylie on 8346 5735! Places are limited.

Please note that on one particular page on our online booking system it will list 'days' rather than 'sessions' as $55. This is not correct and currently our database provider cannot amend this for us. Full days are $100, half days are $55 as per all other communications, with the exception of Zombie Takeover which is $65. Thank you for understanding.

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