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"There's something for every one of us from our athletic and ambitious teenagers right down to our five year old who is still trying to find her feet and work out how to fit in to group situations."
- Nathan, Circus Dad, Brompton

“Circus is my safe place. I am quite literally trusting my Cirkidz friends to catch me when I fall and be there for me.”
- Celso, Troupe Performer and Trainer, Woodville

"Our 3 year old daughter is in her very first semester and has grown in both confidence and coordination drastically in such a short space of time. "
- Daniel, Tiddlerz Big Person and Dad, Unley

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What actually is circus and why do we do what we do?

Circus Research Studies

Read about the positive impact circus has on mental health

Reg Bolton's Circus Hand

Find out about social circus and the value of embodied learning

Trainer Spotlight

You never know where circus could take you! Meet Trainer Lisa. Lisa is currently living abroad in Berlin for 6 months while she trains and performs with Gravity and Other Myths (GOM). Many of the GOM family began their lives right here in Adelaide and graduated from our Cirkidz Circus School program. They now travel the world delighting audiences all over the world. Way to go Lisa! You are missed here at the centre, but we are so proud of you!