Cirkidz Satellite

SA Circus Centre, the home of Cirkidz, is excited to continue our Cirkidz Satellite program, exclusively at Smithfield Plains on Thursdays after School!

Held at the John McVeity Centre, the Cirkidz Satellite program is suitable for ages 5 to 12 and comprises of weekly 1 hour Circus classes or Parkour classes.

The classes will be taught by world-class Circus and Parkour specialists in an encouraging and fun setting.

Over each Block of classes, girls and boys will have the opportunity to develop a variety of fundamentals in circus disciplines, including tumbling, juggling, acrobatics, balance and more!

If your child is keen to join Cirkidz Satellite choose from the following sessions:

Circus - Thursdays: 4pm or 5pm (for ages 5-12)

All you can eat circus fun and action! Experience a buffet of circus disciplines. Acrobatics, basic tumbling, manipulation including hula, juggling and flower sticks and more! Get a taste of all things circus in this session!

Parkour Thursdays: 4pm (for ages 8 - 12)

Train with SAPA-accredited instructors as you run, leap and roll through our fully equipped and safe facility. Find the most creative way from point A to point B!


The price is $150 for the 10-week terms ($15 per class).

Use your Primary School Sports Voucher for $100 off!