Ages 9 through 12

Tweenz classes give the opportunity to learn, improve and extend new skills in acrobatics, balance, juggling, aerial and more. Tween classes are structured to suit those who've been Cirkidz for years as well as new students making their first foray into the circus world. Those who've found a circus discipline they love are able to spend some time developing their strengths while still getting a well-rounded circus experience.

At this age it all starts to come together as Tweenz work in pairs and groups which teach respect, trust, focus and cooperation while still allowing their individual strengths to shine. Participants learn some truly extraordinary tricks, coupled with the naturally creative mind of Tweenz, means skills and ideas come together in quirky clever routines.

Recent studies from UniSA have confirmed what we at the circus centre have known for many years. In particular, findings from a particular study showed that children involved in regular circus training by Cirkidz within a school environment improved their level of motivation to attend school and engage in learning. It is well understood that remaining in school and getting a good education is a pre-requisite for a good and healthy life. Ensuring children remain motivated and engaged in learning is a key. Studies have also shown that the performing arts offer an opportunity for children to develop life skills such as resilience and coping mechanisms, social interaction as well as improve levels of physical activity. The performing arts also offers children the opportunity to engage in an activity that focuses on team work in a non-competitive environment. So why not get a head start and begin your circus journey today!

Suitable for ages 9 to 12 years.